Churches Together

Our church is a member of the Churches Together community.

Churches Together in England is the national body set up by the churches in 1990, and has partner bodies in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Churches Together in Britain and Ireland is the successor body to the British Council of Churches, and co-ordinates the work of the four nations. 

Churches Together in England is a visible sign of the Churches' commitment as they seek a deepening of their communion with Christ and with one another, and proclaim the Gospel together by common witness and service. Its strength comes from people from different traditions finding new ways to work and worship together.

Further Information

To learn more about Churches Together visit Churches Together England or Churches Together in Sussex.

Churches Together has its own YouTube channel with interviews and discussions relating to the christian faith. We have included some videos that we think will be of interest to our congregation.

This video is about people of the christian and muslim faiths working together to understand each other and reduce fear and tension that may exist between the two religions.

This is video one of three. The others can be found on the YouTube channel.