Our Charity Work

As a church we regularly run events for our chosen charities. We choose two charities that we support, one to help the local community within the Brighton and surrounding ares. The other is usually a national or international charity. This year our chosen charities are:

  • Turn on the Tap
  • Brighton and Hove City Mission, Basics Bank

If you would like to help us raise money and have fun at one of your events, go to the events page to see what is coming up.

Turn on the Tap
Brighton and Hove City Mission, Basics Bank

The Basics Bank is the social welfare arm of the Brighton & Hove City Mission. The bank supports people who are in genuine financial crisis that isn’t a result of their choice of lifestyle. The bank offers practical support with food and basic kitchen and bedding needs. If you would like to know more, or to offer any help, have a look at their website for more information.

Recent feedback from our fundraising events has shown how our continued support and donations have had a significant impact on individuals lives within the community.

Millions of people die each year from using contaminated water. Turn on the Tap provides communities with BioSand Water Filters, training, and health and hygiene programs, giving people healthier, safer options and the chance for a better quality of life. Each filter and related health and hygiene program costs $100. For more information visit their website.